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Accolades for teacher/coach Hudson

(June 4, 2015) Cyndee Hudson was recently recognized for outstanding achievements in Worcester Prep’s athletics program during the annual Alumni Awards Banquet on April 25.
Hudson is one of the winningest coaches in the school’s history for both girls’ basketball and tennis, and she is also known as a master teacher not only of mathematics, but Advanced Placement Physics.
For more than 31 years, Hudson has been a force behind mathematics learning at WPS.
Prior to coming to Worcester, Hudson was named “Teacher of the Year” for the Delmar School District. Upon joining the staff at Worcester, her focus was on developing winning teams and growing the mathematics program. During her 30-plus years at Worcester Prep, the mathematics program has grown into a powerful force with excellent teachers and students who acquire math skills needed for college level studies.
Many of her students have completed Calculus II and can apply their skills not only to intricate programming but also to advanced science studies. Today, the members of Worcester Prep’s mathematics faculty are justifiably proud that mathematics scores on Stanford Achievement Tests, College Board tests, and Advanced Placement tests are quite high.  
Hudson’s influence is felt even in the earliest grade levels at Worcester. The mathematics faculty and Head of Lower School, Celeste Bunting, make sure Worcester Prep’s Pre-kindergartners begin their journey into the world of mathematics by playing with numbers. The mathematics they study is all around them everyday, and it is fun. These young students don’t know they are becoming scholars; they are internalizing the foundation for complex concepts and solving math mysteries. Worcester teachers at all levels work hard to make sure none of their students put into their minds that they can’t do math.
“Because they can and they do,” Hudson said.
The key to success of the mathematics program, according to Hudson, is consistency—consistency in dynamic teaching, consistency in offering encouragement and consistency in the curriculum Pre-K through 12. Worcester’s math stresses practice and review of all math concepts learned. Unlike other programs that tackle one topic at a time and only give practice in the skill targeted, Worcester math introduces new concepts in the context of review of previous learning.
“Review is extremely important for mathematical understanding,” Hudson said.
At the Alumni Awards Banquet, many of Hudson’s former students and basketball and tennis team members came to congratulate her for the difference she has made in their lives.