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AGH deserves break as cybercrime victim

Atlantic General Hospital should not be blamed for becoming the latest victim of the surge in ransomware attacks on thousands of businesses, agencies and hospitals in this country over the last two years. In 2022 alone, 250 U.S. health care institutions were extorted for ransom in exchange for the key to unlock their hijacked networks…. Read more »

OPA continues with its positive changes

Judging from the general manager’s report in Ocean Pines last week, it appears that the association’s business continues to travel in the right direction. Revenue is still rising above expenses, making it likely that GM John Viola’s projected end-of-the-year balance will be about a half-million dollars better than it was last year. That’s certainly worth… Read more »

Wind farms not a threat to whales

Editor, Here are some critical facts regarding offshore wind projects and the safety of whales. Scientists from the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration, the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management and independent academic institutions have all stated that there is “no evidence” that offshore wind vessels caused any whale mortalities. Off the Maryland-Delaware coast, offshore wind… Read more »

Hogan’s popularity intact as he exits

Now that Gov. Larry Hogan is former Gov. Larry Hogan, the political analysts will swoop in and start dissecting his eight years at the helm of state government. They will be looking for and expounding on what they perceive to be his successes and failures and whether his performance in office is in sync with… Read more »

Gambling grant’s use should be Berlin’s call

The Berlin mayor and council’s decision this week to apply its annual share of Ocean Downs’ gambling money to a Law Enforcement Officer Pension System should not generate much argument from anyone. It’s not controversial and there’s no reason why the county’s Local Development Council (LDC) should do anything other than endorse it when the… Read more »