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‘Free’ Library opens on Flower Street

Moments after Berlin officials dedicated a new memorial to Dr. William Henry at Henry Park last Saturday, Mayor Gee Williams and 7-year-old Emily Zollinger cut the ribbon on a new Little Free Library.
Housed in a wooden case roughly the size of a large mailbox, the library, situated just a few feet away from the memorial, included children’s books donated by the Town of Berlin.
Zollinger visited a similar Little Free Library, part of a national “take a book, leave a book” nonprofit campaign, at Ben’s Red Swings in Salisbury earlier this year. She said that library inspired her to establish her own branch at the park on Flower Street.
With help from her mother, she sought and won the approval of the Town Council last month.
Along with donated books, Zollinger’s library includes several volumes from her own collection.
“From one generation to the next, we are provided with an opportunity to carry forth the torch of human progress towards a better future for all of those who follow,” Williams said. “So often we confine our expectations in social and civic responsibilities to the adults, or even just the eldest that are among us.”
Williams said the occasion was an opportunity to “tie the past to the future.”
“We can all learn by example from citizens of any age,” he said. “Berlin’s own Ellie Zollinger, a second grade student at Buckingham Elementary, today is leading by example. And I hope and trust that we all will gain inspiration from Ellie’s example this morning.
“None of us should ever forget that no one is ever too young or too old to make a lasting difference in the lives of our fellow citizens,” Williams added.
Town Administrator Laura Allen presented Zollinger with a stack of books collected at the Visitor’s Center during the previous month for the new library.
“I would like to help the people who helped me build this and Town Council for letting me do this,” Zollinger said.
“She’ll be a candidate in about 15 years,” Williams said.