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‘The chocolate will be at toxic levels’

WEST OCEAN CITY — Jan and Louise from CraZy LadyZ want you to recall Dear Aunt Sally. You may remember her from eighth grade math class as My Dear Aunt Sally — the mnemonic device for the order of operations — but if you happen to you’re already way ahead of the game. The game, for the fifth year running, is Death By Chocolate, a kind of poker run wherein players visit shops to get chocolate and clues. The theme is “Are You Smarter than a Third Grader?” but even if you feel as if it might be a dicy proposition, depending upon how long it has been since the third grade, the point of the game is to have fun. The point of the game is not to worry about facts that may have slipped your mind during the 1980s.
“I would imagine this year chocolate will be at toxic levels,” Jan said.
The chocolate, as everybody knows, is a good in itself whereas the clues are a means to an end. In this case the end is being entered into a drawing for prizes donated by each of the 21participating shops plus access to after party specials exclusive to Death by Chocolate participants. Not bad for remembering a Dear old relative.
In case you don’t recall, My Dear Aunt Sally stands for Multiply, Divide, Add, Subtract. Since the game isn’t specific to anyone’s aunt, the CraZy LadyZ have dropped the multiplication aspect and gone only with divide, add, and subtract.
The game works like this: Players pick up game cards at any of the participating West Ocean City shops to begin their hunt. In each shop there will be a math problem to solve. Before those with math anxiety stop reading, the Bayside Gazette has procured an example problem for you to get started on and the assurances of the organizers that calculators are allowed.
Here is a problem that will, for a fact, be displayed at one of the 21 participating stores. Fair warning, this is likely the most difficult of the bunch:
1,200 ÷ 2
Take your time with it.
The point, as always, is not so much to tax your brain but rather to and an extra dimension to the day’s festivities. As players go from store to store, solving problems like this they will write the number in the space provided on the game card and have their answer validated. It is suspected that hints might be available especially if the sugar begins to get to players’ heads as the day wears on.
The numbers will be listed along the left hand side of the page and will be Aunt Sally-ed (added or subtracted) from one another as the plus or minus sign before each number indicates. At the bottom of the page will be a space for the final number as well as a hint, the answer to which will confirm whether or not you’ve done the math correctly.
When players reach the last store on their list — players may start anywhere but must visit each store to get their ticket validated — completed game cards may be turned in to the shopkeeper. Prizewinners will be announced at the after party at Captain’s Galley and though a participant need not be present to win, the after party has been an epic event for the last five years and the new venue selected for this year will host a party not worth missing.
Captain’s Galley will have specials for all Death by Chocolate participants. The restaurant will offer dinner and sandwich specials and Happy Hour specials from 3 – 8 p.m. in the bar including $3 chocolate martinis for Death by Chocolate participants. 
Over the last five years Death by Chocolate has become the highly anticipated event for preventing the onset of cabin fever. Inaugurated as a way to highlight the various shops in West Ocean City, participation this year reached a new high with 21 participating stores committing to giving away more than $2,000 in prizes.
Jan said that the event has grown to the point that she starts getting phone calls enquiring about whether a date for Death by Chocolate has been set from former participants as fat away as Annapolis, Easton and the throughout Delaware.
People participate and return, not only because of the chocolate — although the chocolate would probably be reason enough, but also because it is a good excuse to get out and test drive the area shops. Many participants schedule specials and sales to coincide with the event and the out-of-towners tend to take advantage of the double enticement.
Each year, however, an increasing number of locals participate as well. West Ocean City tends to sometimes fall off the radar for local shoppers and the chance to be reminded of all the unique and interesting locally owned shops is always one worth enjoying.
Moreover, since there are a number of recently opened shops, or stores that are participating for the first time, there will be plenty of new experiences even for those who have participated regularly in the event.
This year, in addition to the new after party venue, CraZy LadyZ has arranged a deal with Gene’s Limousines to provide transportation for an extra fee. Although space is limited, the company has several cars available for groups or individuals to run the route in safety and style.
Any person or group interested in being driven from store to store over for the better part of the day may contact Jan or Louise at CraZy LadyZ at 410-213-2085 for more information about the cost and to get on the car list. 
Reservations are suggested for anyone planning on attending the after party at Captain’s Galley. Participants should  mention they intend to be with the ‘Death by Chocolate’ party when placing reservations at 410-213-2525.