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Bennet Services

BISHOPVILLE — As Halloween approaches, the paper spiders used as decorations are a reminder of how pervasive the creatures really are, especially at this time of year. What makes people so concerned about the arachnids is that, without a specialized degree, it is difficult to tell the dangerous ones from the others.

For example, there is a large brown spider that is commonly misidentified as a brown recluse — although that is just as well because these other brown spiders are poisonous as well —  but is not as poisonous. Similarly, black widow spiders occupy the woodpiles, treed areas and houses of many local houses.

Dean Bennett of Bennett Services has made a point of understanding how to eradicate these and other pests over his nearly two decades in the business.

Over that time, he’s witnessed both the changes in his industry and its aim, which is pest control, and has been able to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to products and practices that make the most sense while being particularly effective.

As kids come home from college for their fall break — or even when they eventually come home for Christmas — a real danger and concern for many households is they might bring unwanted guests without even knowing it.

Bedbugs are still a real problem both in metropolitan areas and other parts of the country. Oftentimes a person might have them in their luggage, clothing or bedding without even being aware that they have them until it is too late.

Although Bennett Services can provide a chemical solution to bedbug infestations, they have a solution that is more effective in the long term and doesn’t require any chemicals being sprayed in the home at all: extreme heat.

Through a series of portable ducts, Bennett Services is capable of pumping heat into a home that brings the temperature up to 130 degrees, which is more heat than a bedbug can stand. This solution makes it possible not only to make the cleanup process smoother as the bugs try to escape their hiding places only to expire on the floor, but also is the more thorough treatment.

After the home reaches an acceptable temperature, Bennett Services brings in a dog that has been specially trained to sniff out bedbugs as a way of assuring themselves that the last of the critters has been taken care of.

Another of their related services is that they provide specialized bed wrapping that keeps bugs from getting into the bed in the first place, thereby saving the customer the need to replace the mattress. Bennett said the bed wrappings available at retail locations have a reduced preventative affect because they aren’t strong enough to withstand a bedbug’s boring capacity.

Although spiders and bedbugs are among the primary seasonal concerns, Bennett Services is licensed for and capable of helping residents deal effectively with any of the pest problems that arise, from rats, bats and other mammals to termites and other tiny pests.

Most importantly for Bennett, who is an owner/operator rather than a franchisee, is that he is always available to handle customer concerns, or potential customer questions. Although he does employ a staff, he prides himself on always being available to the public.

“If you want to talk to the owner, all you have to do is call and ask for him,” he said.