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Berlin Bd. of Supervisors of Elections needs one new member

By Cindy Hoffman, Staff Writer

(Jan. 18, 2023) The Town of Berlin is looking for a new member for its Board of Supervisors of Elections.

Members of the election board do everything “from soup to nuts with the elections,” Town Administrator Mary Bohlen said. The members accept candidate filings, create the ballot, run the elections on that day, count the ballots and announce the results. The town administrator certifies the results.

In the last few years, the members have also recruited volunteers for election day to provide additional assistance at the polls.

The Berlin Police Department is responsible for enforcing electioneering prohibitions.

The next elections are scheduled for Oct. 1, when the office of the mayor and Districts two and three council seats will be on the ballot.

Elections are held in person, but residents can vote an absentee ballot and do not need an excuse for doing so.

Currently the town has four members of the Board of Supervisors: Gina Velong, chair (May 26), Tony Bowen (May 26), Linda Bowen (May 26), Betty Tustin (June 26). Members serve a four-year term.

The town election board is not responsible for state or federal elections or the voter rolls, which are managed by the Worcester Board of Elections. If a resident of Berlin registers to vote in the county, that person will automatically be registered in the Town of Berlin, according to Bohlen.

This year will be a busy year with elections, as there will be primaries in Maryland on May 14, the Berlin municipal elections on Oct. 1 and the general elections on Nov. 5.

The town election board only manages the Oct. 1 municipal elections and not the primaries or the general elections.

This is one of the less time consuming committees to serve on in Berlin, with only a few meetings and one long day on election day, said Bohlen.

For those interested in being considered for the Board of Supervisors for the Elections, visit