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Berlin Elections this Tuesday

By Jack Chavez, Staff Writer

Berlin Town Council, District 4, incumbent Dean Burrell.

(Sept. 29, 2022) The Berlin Town Council elections are just five days away.

Candidates have long been settled, though they were officially confirmed only recently.

No write-in candidates filed before the Sept. 27 deadline, leaving only District 4 up for grabs, where incumbent Dean Burrell looks to fend off a challenge from We Heart Berlin’s Tony Weeg.

Steve Green is running unopposed for the District 1 seat from which Councilmember Troy Purnell is retiring and incumbent Jay Knerr is running unopposed for the at-large seat. With no write-in candidates opposing them, neither candidate will be on the ballot. Both will be automatically declared as winners.

As such, only District 4 voters will head to the polls on Tuesday, located at the Berlin Police Department at 129 Decatur Street.

Burrell is leaning on his life experiences and devotion to protecting Berlin as he eyes another term.

“I would not be in favor of any (development) that I felt threatened (Berlin). I have a vision and that understanding (for the town),” he said. “My motives for running for the council seat of District 4 in the Town of Berlin are not selfish ones. I sit here ready to give myself to ensure the wellbeing and love of our town.”

Weeg has said his background as a computer developer would be a boon for the council.

Berlin Town Council, District 1, candidate Tony Weeg.

“I’m a nerd. I know for a fact that on the first day I can bring a technology acumen that will run circles around most people just because of the careers I’ve been in. I can teach people how to use those technologies for our benefit,” he said. “That is a key feature of a person who’s going to be a councilperson, to not just have ideas but to come up with a plan to make them happen and actually see them through.”

Green is looking forward to being accessible to his constituents.

“As a councilperson — I have it on my signs — I’m informed, accessible and committed,” Green said. Berlin is small enough that anyone can call me or approach me and I’ll listen to their concerns. We should be available.”

Knerr will rely on his expertise and track record for seeing projects through as he sizes up his goals for his next term.

“The amount of time I’ve given to this area, the community and boards I’ve been on has given me a resume of skills that enable me to do this job quite effectively,” Knerr said.

There are still two deadlines ahead of the election.

Today, Thursday, is the deadline for mailing absentee ballots out and tomorrow, Friday, is the deadline for submitting absentee applications in person.

The polls open up at 7 a.m. on Tuesday and will remain open until 7 p.m.