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Berlin gets more eyes on town with help from grant

Ten new security cameras are now posted throughout the town of Berlin.

By Cindy Hoffman, Staff Writer

June 1, 2023) With a $76,300 Community Safety Works Business District Grant from the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development, the Town of Berlin will be keeping a closer eye on things.

The grant provided funding to purchase 10 security cameras as well as modular vehicle barriers that will be used for special events.

The cameras have already picked up two accidents within the first two days, according to Police Chief Arnold Downing.

The cameras have been placed at Broad Street, Commerce Street, Jefferson and Gay streets, Jefferson and Main streets, and William Street.

Parking lots on North Main Street, Pitts Street and William Street, and behind Sisters will also be covered.

‘We believe technology will be a force multiplier for us,” Downing said.

While the cameras will not be monitored 24/7, Downing said the police can review camera footage from any workstation. The footage will be stored in the online cloud for 30 days.

If the police are looking for a certain color or type of vehicle, at a particular date or time, the technology will identify it in the footage, Downing said.

The town also is looking to install two license plate readers on Route 113. The readers can help with Amber Alerts, stolen vehicles and for any person of interest.

“If a local or state partner is looking for a certain vehicle, they can call us and we can see if the vehicle has gone through 113,” Downing said

Downing said the department is also considering speed cameras.  Berlin will have to pass a resolution to adopt the actual program. If that happens, the vendor, Redspeed, would visit the town and determine where the cameras should be placed.