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Berlin mayor recommends committee, board members

By Cindy Hoffman, Staff Writer

(Aug. 31, 2023) Berlin Mayor Zack Tyndall submitted the following nominations to the Town of Berlin’s boards, commissions and committees on Monday for approval by the council.

Parks Commission

  • Patricia Dufendach, reappointment, 2-year term
  • Kristin Gerhart, new appointment, 3-year term
  • Sarah Hooper, reappointment, 1-Year Term
  • Laura Stearns, reappointment, 2-year term
  • Mike Wiley, reappointment, 1-year term

Historic District Commission

  • Carol Rose, reappointment, 3-year term
  • Laura Stearns, reappointment, 3-year term

Arts and Entertainment Advisory Board

  • Natalie Blanton, new appointment, 2-year term
  • Nikki Lowry, new appointment, 2-year term
  • Angie Rivera Mace, new appointment, 2-year term
  • Eric Mace, new appointment, 2-year term Planning and Zoning
  • Erich Pfeffer, new appointment, 5-year term
  • Steve Scheiber, new appointment, Alternate, 5-year term

Board of Zoning Appeals

  • Jennie Allen, new appointment, 3-year term

Housing Board of Review

  • Tony Weeg, new appointment, 3-year term

Tyndall said there are still some vacancies on some of the committees. Berlin residents interested in becoming involved can fill out an applications become-involved/.

Currently there is a need for one more member of the board of elections.

This is the only position that receives a stipend for service.