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Berlin slightly ahead after first half of FY23

By Jack Chavez, Staff Writer

(Feb. 23, 2023) The numbers are in for the first half of FY23 and the Town of Berlin is slightly ahead of schedule, according to Finance Director Natalie Saleh’s report.

From the period of July 1 to Dec. 31, the town brought in $5.3 million in total revenue, which included $3.71 million in property and “other” taxes and $842,041 in intergovernmental revenues.

“Overall, we are at (41 percent) to be collected of all the revenues by the end of (FY23),” Saleh said. “It’s a good mark, which is a little less than (half).

“From the budgeted amount of $9 million, we are at$ 5.3 million as of right now.”

Expenditures for the six months were $3.6 million, led by $1.49 million for public safety, $824,460 under general government and $553,830 for public works.

As of the end of December, there was $1.58 million in the general fund assigned under “nonspendable,” the same exact number from 2022.

“This is the amount from the stormwater and sewer (projects),” Saleh said. “This number has not changed but hopefully by the end of FY23 we will reduce that amount.”

The assigned fund balance increased from $907,288 in 2022 to $2.32 million in FY23, owing in large part to town projects such as insurance, stabilization and the Flower Street community center.

Overall, fund balances at the end of December totaled $7.33 million, compared to $7.09 million in FY22.

“We’re pretty close to the FY22 in the amount, a little bit over which is a good sign for us to close the year in the positive,” Saleh said.

Saleh said it’s a promising sign to see that the unassigned balance fund is growing higher.

Capital project expenditures over the six months were $157,905 for street and path paving, $56,226 for the Henry Park basketball court lights project, $36,995 for a Department of Public Works vehicle and $15,549 for security cameras.

The town is also in the midst of a wage and compensation study that is costing $3,000.

From the water fund, water treatment at the Powelton Avenue well house cost $115,857. Water distribution from the Branch Street well cost $101,360.

Saleh said that water connection fees are a “little bit behind” but that water service charges at the mark of six months are where they’re supposed to be.

Overall, water revenue was around $591,000 while expenditures were around $599,000, Saleh said.

“That gives us a little bit of a loss but I’m pretty confident that’s going to catch up over the next six months,” she said.