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Berlin’s Bleached Butterfly debuts first ‘terrarium bar’

(June 4, 2015) In March Bleached Butterfly won the New Business Award during the 2015 Berlin Chamber of Commerce awards dinner.
Now the newcomer shop is adding an innovative new twist to its line of off-centered design products: a terrarium bar.
A terrarium, as described by Bleached Butterfly Owner Autumn Graves, is a “living ecosystem for plants.”
Graves sketched out an idea for the large wooden shelving unit that will house what is essentially a “make-your-own” terrarium kit inside the store, similar to a salad bar in a restaurant. Local artist Matt Dove then built the structure, using recycled and reclaimed wood, which will house all of the different ingredients.
“It’s the first of its kind,” Graves said. “You’ll have your different glass containers for the terrarium and you’ll go up and pick out what size you want, and then you’ll have all your fixings. Each drawer will have different soils, different rocks, different mosses, different [artificial] creatures and all your layering that you need in order to create the ecosystem for the terrarium.”
Different “menus” will be available for the different sized containers, Graves said.
“The small containers will get two or three plants, the medium containers will get five or so plants, and so on and so forth,” she said. “It’s not just going to be succulents. We’ll have a lot of different-style botanicals like ferns and carnivorous plants and baby orchids and African violets. It’ll be a huge array of assorted plants.”
Graves hopes the terrarium bar becomes a flagship of the store.
“I did a lot of research when I first came up with the idea and there isn’t anything like this, so we’re branding ‘Terrarium Bar,’” she said, adding that a website is in the works, and the finished product should be ready for the public in mid-to-late June.
“I want to get people to be more interactive in the store,” Graves said. “I want it to be something that girlfriends can do for a lunch date or over coffee. Come into town, come into the store, be interactive. I always have good music playing. Chill in the store and make a terrarium. That’s the whole concept of Bleached Butterfly, to get people interactive and get them inspired and creating. I feel like this is one step closer to evolving into that.”
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