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Board and Thompson butting heads, harder

If the Ocean Pines Association Board of Directors were to say to General Manager Bob Thompson, “We’ve got to hand it to you,” the majority might be thinking about his walking papers.
That’s certainly how it appears, given the obvious friction between Thompson and some of the directors, a circumstance highlighted during Saturday’s meeting, when Thompson publicly challenged the golf course management selection process.
In his defense, he did ask questions that deserve to be answered for the benefit of residents, who, no doubt, are wondering how the deal went down when the majority dumped Billy Casper Golf in favor of Nebraska-based Landscapes Unlimited.
By itself, that question would not have been an issue had not the majority strongly indicated going into the process that they were predisposed against Casper.
Nevertheless, Thompson shouldn’t have attempted to grill board members in open session, even though he is clearly frustrated by its attempts to manage everything.
Although it was barely mentioned when the board announced its agreement with Landscapes, the new arrangement removes Thompson from the course management hierarchy by having Landscapes bypass him and report directly to the board.
Although that’s not necessarily a vote of no confidence in Thompson, it is one more reduction in his authority by a group that doesn’t seem to want him around.
If nothing else, it appears that the majority and Thompson just don’t like each other and will continue to butt heads until something gives.
That’s a shame, because Pines residents have plenty of other things to think about besides whether this is just a clash of personalities or board arrogance versus Thompson stubbornness.