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Businesses can buy ‘Berlinopoly’ spots

BERLIN — Local businesses are encouraged to reserve a spot on Berlinopoly, a custom Berlin-themed Monopoly board to be sold in town this winter, before all sponsorship opportunities are claimed.
Although the Berlin Chamber of Commerce is behind the board’s creation, its final design is dependent on the community.
Nearly all parts of the game are available for sponsorship by a business, save for the die and player pieces. Other aspects, such as the individual properties, hotels, game cards and play money, can be sponsored to prominently display a business’ name.
“We want to make it a collector’s item,” said Aaren Collins, executive director of the Berlin Chamber of Commerce, who came up with the idea to organize this community effort after remembering a similar Ocean City project done many years ago.
Spaces on the board and other items cost between $50 and $700 to sponsor, with the more desirable areas of the game being the most expensive. Some areas allow multiple sponsors, while others are exclusive opportunities.
Each business’ name will be featured directly on the item sponsored, except the houses and hotels pieces. Businesses sponsoring those items will see their name printed on the game board where the pieces will be placed.
Collins said she would like spaces of the four railroad and two utility properties to be similarly-themed, but it depends on business participation. All available sponsorships will go to the business that claims it first, and if businesses would like to have areas of the board themed, they are encouraged to purchase a spot as soon as possible.
The chamber is planning an art contest for the image that will be displayed on the game’s cover. Any art style will be accepted, whether it is a picture or artist’s rendering, as long as the image is original and it represents Berlin.
Once all parts of the game have been sponsored, the chamber will place an order for 750 units. Berlinopoly will be available at the Chamber of Commerce on South Main Street, and at any business that wishes to carry the game. Participating businesses may pre-order copies of the game at the wholesale price of $15. For the public, the game will cot $30.
If there is a great demand for copies of Berlinopoly, Collins said the chamber will purchase 300 more units, but additional boards will now be produced for many years, if at all.
Those anticipating a copy of Berlinopoly can expect to see the game on shelves after Thanksgiving, just in time for the holiday season.
“It’s great timing to get it done now while so many businesses are here,” said Collins.
Immediately following the chamber’s announcement of its intent to create the game, three businesses purchased spots on the board and opportunities to sponsor are diminishing fast, Collins said.
Thom Gulyas, owner of Ace Printing and Mailing on Old Ocean City Boulevard, is the most recent sponsor. He purchased the area commonly known as “free parking.”
“I think anything that’s going to help the town is in everyone’s best interest,” said Gulyas. “I think it’s a brilliant idea. I wish I had thought of it.”
Despite the surge of local business participation, there are still plenty of sponsorship opportunities available.
For more information, or to sponsor a Berlinopoly property, visit or call Collins at 410-641-4775.