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Carne asada tacos simple dish to prepare

The kids are back in school, which means that it is now time
to get ready for Christmas and next summer.  There’s simply so much to do.  I have to clean the garage, finish the many projects around
the house, get ready for a season of robotics and make sure that the kids all
get their homework done.

A milestone year, this is our last of 13 years with a child
or children at Showell Elementary. 
It will be odd to not have one of our young ones in that marvelous
school.  Our oldest is also
graduating this year, another monumental event in our life; and then the
adventure of college begins.  Where
does the time go?

‘Breakfast for dinner’, the typical meal for the first day
of school is done; it’s a meal that always seems to comfort the soul since a
couple of the kids come home on the first day and jump into pajamas.  To finish the meal, our traditional ice
cream cake with the inscription 179 To
 was thawing in the middle
of the table while we finished our pancakes and bacon.

The day started out as it does for most families; with
zombie-like preteens and teens shuffling through the house dreading what will
ultimately be a good day; they just didn’t believe it.  I remember what the first day of school
was like and I was not a huge fan either, so I certainly don’t hold anything
against them.

After the kids had gone to school, I remembered that I had
to do some paperwork and get myself ready to get back to the college the
following day.  Since I’m wavering
on how to approach the semester, I at least smiled in knowing that the students
returning are a formidable bunch.

Having completed my first year of teaching at the college
level, I am much more focused and excited for the upcoming year; a normal
transition for an educator in a new position.  So, with a group of motivated pupils I trudge forward
knowing that there is much to be done in the department.

And then hunger struck me, growling from the depths of my
stomach.  Knowing that the
opportunity only comes when the kids are in school I ran up to get tacos at my
favorite digs in Selbyville, La Sierra on Main Street.

I am a sucker for carne asada.  When I lived in California a carne asada burrito or taco was
heaven-sent.  The aromas that would
fill the restaurant would indicate freshness and bright and spicy flavors.  And truth be told, nothing could be
easier to prepare.

When my brother (a Californian going on 30 years) asked a
Mexican chef how to make a proper carne asada, the chef laughed and replied
"good beef, salt, pepper and a hot grill.  A very hot grill."  Now that’s a recipe that I can handle.

Of course, as you read through the recipe below, there are a
few more ingredients, but if you can’t handle this one, just sell your kitchen
tools and buy a nicer microwave. 
This is a very simple recipe and one that will please anyone who loves
Mexican food.

And since summer is coming to a close, it is a great fit for
the season in which we can use all of those fresh and beautiful vegetables from
the Farmer’s Market.  With a little
luck, it will give us the motivation we need to make it through another school
year and get primed for another great summer at the beach.

Now I just need to convince my kids that Mexican food is
good.  Then I would have a reason
to go to my favorite taqueria more often.

Carne Asada Tacos

enough for 6 people

1.5 pounds Skirt steak, trimmed

5 cloves garlic,

Salt & Pepper to taste

olive oil, any grade

Juice of 1 lime

Juice of 1 lemon

1/2 medium red onion,

1 bunch cilantro,
picked and chopped*

Corn tortillas, as

Salsa Roja

Salsa Verde

Pico de gallo and

Shredded cabbage, as

Radish as garnish, as

Large spring onions
or cippollini (see note below)

Combine the trimmed skirt steak, garlic,
seasoning, oil, juices, onion and cilantro in a bowl and allow to marinate for
at least an hour

The key here is to get your grill or pan smoking
hot and to sear the meat, so heat up that pan!

Sear or grill the meat until medium rare and
remove from the heat

Serve unassembled with all of the sauces and
toppings and let your guests build their own tacos.  This is especially
helpful when one guest doesn’t like guacamole, another can’t stand spicy food,

*When I go to authentic Latin restaurants, I always get cilantro that
is well-washed but still has a good part of the stems attached.  There is a great deal of flavor in
these, which I enjoy.  Some people
find it offensive so know your audience!