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Committee promotes annual meeting, voting next month

The Ocean Pines Communications Committee is ramping up to “get out the vote” ahead of the board of directors election this summer.

The committee decided at its June 16 meeting that it will use signs bearing the aforementioned slogan from 2021 but revise them to fit the current year.

The decision came with the suggestion by committee Chair Cheryl Jacobs that they table discussions about electronic signs for now, as more details need to be firmed up with vendor Phillips Signs.

Jacobs added after the meeting that the committee would like the Phillips representative they work with to create a “mock-up” to present to the board of directors at a later date and nail down pricing.

For the here and now, Jacobs hopes her committee can help however they can, even though next month’s contests are officially the purview of the Elections Committee.

“We’ll participate in the effort of getting signs out again and encouraging people to vote,” Jacobs said. “It’s all about being an active participant in the community you live in and letting your voice be heard. One way to do that is by voting.”

The committee is also focusing on the Ocean Pines Association annual meeting, which is slated for Aug. 13.

“Although it’s turned out not to be the responsibility of the (our) committee, we are very interested in encouraging people to participate in the annual meeting,” Jacobs said. “That’s more for the Elections Committee (role) but we are very interested in getting people to attend virtually or in-person to take part in the annual meeting where they go over everything that’s been accomplished during the year.”

The committee discussed prioritizing preserving Ocean Pines history as well. Jacobs said that there has been “a real effort” to maintain Pines artifacts, including two panels where individuals talk about the history of Ocean Pines.

Committee member Marlene Ott suggested that some drone footage be taken of Ocean Pines to showcase the community, its amenities and all that the association has to offer.

The footage could be put on the association website and preserved for posterity, she said.

“I have submitted a charging document to ask the board if they are interested in having us investigate that,” Jacobs said.

The Communications Committee is scheduled to meet next on July 21.

This story appears in the print version of the Bayside Gazette on June 23, 2022.