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County hears proposal to harvest wind at the landfill

SNOW HILL — Over the next year, National Wind will conduct a study to see if Worcester County can combine two of the area’s more prevalent NIMBY (not-in-my-backyard) projects — wind power and the county landfill — into one.

Patrick Pelstring, co-chair of National Wind, on Tuesday presented the commissioners with a proposal to begin a feasibility study for erecting wind turbines in the Worcester County landfill.

Should the company be able to erect the 8-12 turbines, the county would receive the dual benefit of generating additional revenue from the landfill while also participating in the alternative energy movement.

The county landfill already produces energy and some revenue from the methane plant installed last year.

Public Works Director John Tustin was skeptical that the landfill would accommodate the project but said if the study showed differently he had no objection.

As part of the feasibility study, National Wind will install a meteorological tower to conduct an analysis of the wind speed. The company also will perform an environmental analysis of the site to make sure that, should the project be viable, there will be no barriers in securing the required environmental or engineering permits.