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County OKs major new Ocean Pines housing complex

(Nov. 5, 2015) For the first time since 2009, according to County Development Review and Permitting Director Ed Tudor, a new residential planned community is coming to Ocean Pines.
The Worcester County Commissioners on Tuesday approved the development, named Triple Crown Estates, to be located on the north side of Gum Point Road, east of Route 589, following a public hearing. No one spoke against the project, but traffic concerns involving access to Gum Point Road and Route 589 via dirt roads during construction were addressed in the approval of the development.
The first phase of the project, called Step I, indicates there will be one point of access into the planned community via the King Richard Road extension. Though nothing has been formally planned, there is an area set aside for future growth of the community.
Marvin Steen, of Steen Homes, is the developer of the community. Steen is responsible for the Wood Duck Isle I-IV, Salt Grass Cove and Harbor Village residential developments in Ocean Pines.
Steen said when the development passed the county’s technical review committee in July that this community would be using a new type of basic floor plan, called the “Triple Crown Twin Home.” The units will feature one-car garages and, like so many other custom homes, a number of features buyers can add or subtract as they see fit.
Steen said in a previous interview he thought the homes would retail in the range of $350,000.
The development will be situated on about 92 acres, 90 of which are described as “uplands.” About 1.25 acres are non-tidal wetlands and the remaining area is private tidal wetlands. Nearly eight-tenths of an acre in the neighborhood is located in the Resource Protection district.
Almost half of the land area is open space, most of which — about 32 acres — is classified as “natural open space” according to planning documents. About three acres has been set aside for active recreation, and nearly 11.5 acres for passive recreation, including most of the existing forest area.  
Lot setbacks have not been proposed at this time, according to planning documents.
“We’ve got to go with what the market can handle. This is for a downsizing person, or someone who has a summer home here but now wants to live here full time,” Steen said previously. “Young families too, but this is not 55 and over.”
Full build-out is not expected for three or four years, he said.
With these homes also come all the Ocean Pines amenities.
“I had seven board members — unanimous approval. If the residents were not going to be members of Ocean Pines, I wouldn’t have had that. All of these people have to join the Ocean Pines Association and have access to the amenities,” Steen said in July.