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County preps rec center expansion

(Nov. 12, 2015) To keep up with growing demand for services and to address internal space concerns, the Worcester County Commissioner committed to adding space to the county’s Recreation Center in Snow Hill last year.
The addition is nearly complete and is scheduled to open by the beginning of next month if all goes well.
“We’re hoping to have an open house Dec. 1,” Recreation and Parks Director Paige Hurley said, “to coincide with the County Commissioners meeting.”
The main features of the new space are two large rooms, each fitted with a sliding divider that bisects each to create four separate spaces. These rooms have a defined purpose, but can be adapted to a particular use when the situation calls for it, Hurley said.
The new afterschool room is one of these partitioned spaces, and has a row of cubbyholes for backpacks and other supplies lining one of the 28-foot by 35-foot walls. It also is the largest of the new rooms. It is paired with a new conference room, which is only 21 feet wide.
“We’ll use the conference room as meeting space or to conduct job interviews. Right now we do all the interviews in my office,” Hurley said. “We host a handful of meetings now.”
The Recreation and Parks Department hosts an “After School Zone” during the school year and provides transportation from Snow Hill Elementary and Middle schools. It costs $90 per month plus an additional charge for snacks. It engages children in sports and games, helps develop decision skills and provides help with homework, Hurley said.
Across the hall in subdivided 21-foot by 45-foot spaces are the gym and aerobics space.
Previously, Hurley said, all aerobic activity programs at the center took place in the main gymnasium and were, more or less, open to the public. The new addition will give those participants a bit more privacy, Hurley said.
The new gym space will feature two treadmills, an elliptical machine, a NuStep trainer, exercise bikes, leg press, rowing machine, free weights and a few other common pieces of exercise equipment. The treadmills will have cable televisions installed, according to Hurley.
This facility will come with a price tag for membership and new operating hours, all of which were approved at the last meeting of the commissioners two weeks ago.
Fees for use were approved at $85 for a one-year membership, $45 for six months worth of workouts, three months for $25 and a $3 drop-in fee.
To give residents a chance to use the equipment before work, Hurley said, the center would open at 6 a.m. Monday through Friday. Existing staff will cover the expanded hours.
“We’re not offering all the bells and whistles, but we now have the capability to expand our services at a low price. People are already using lots of our services and we’re hearing a lot of requests,” Hurley said.
Two new locker rooms equipped with showers are included in the expansion, as well as a laundry facility for use by staff.
“We used to take the laundry home – well one of the staff would – so we could have clean pinnies (jerseys) and other gear,” Hurley explained. “We’re all excited it’s opening and it’s a little surreal to look over there and see a whole new building.”