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Daly’s leaving opens third spot in race

Director Frank Daly

By Cindy Hoffman, Staff Writer

(April 13, 2023) Three seats are up for grabs in this year’s board of director’s elections, now that board member Frank Daly has announced he will soon be moving to Florida.

 “We have purchased a home in Florida.  I will remain on the board until the transaction closes. Those dates are subject to a few contingencies that are normal in the same process,” Daly told the Ocean Pines Forum.

“We need to follow section 5.04 of the by-laws regarding a vacancy on the board.  The action will be based on if and when Frank Daly is no longer a homeowner in Ocean Pines,” said Doug Parks, president of the OPA Board of Directors.

“If all proceeds as planned (b) will apply,” Daly said.

Section 5.04(b) reads, “According to the bylaws, in the event a vacancy occurs on the board of directors within ninety (90) days prior to the annual meeting but before the ballots have been submitted to the secretary for printing under Section 5.03, a majority of the remaining directors may appoint a replacement to serve until the next annual meeting. If the vacancy is not for an expiring term, the vacancy shall be included on the ballots.

This means there will be three vacancies to be filled in the August elections, with Doug Parks and Colette Horn both leaving because of term limits.

Elaine Brady is the first — and only, so far — to throw her hat in the ring for the August elections. Brady is the former publisher of the Bayside Gazette. She has lived in Ocean Pines since 2002. Her father, Dick Brady served six years on the board of directors.

The search for other candidates this year most likely will not involve a Search Committee. Only one person submitted her name as a candidate for appointment to the three-member panel, but candidate Sherrie Clifford was rejected by the board because of her support for the boycott of Ocean Pines amenities by the “Do it for Gavin” supporters. The Search Committee needs three members to be established.

“I do not anticipate having a Search Committee for this upcoming election.  Based on past history there has been no impact on the election of not having a Search Committee,” Parks said.

“Unless something changes, [the] candidate deadline is May 15th.  Last year most of the candidates waited until that day or the day before to submit their applications,” Linda Martin, the senior executive office manager, said.

            “Of course, the secretary of the board needs to verify that all candidates are eligible to run, so all need to be verified prior to the final list being announced.”

In other election preparations, the Communications Committee has launched a sign contest to help promote the August elections.

“We hope our homeowners and residents will show off their artistic talents and send us their best work!” Committee Chairperson Cheryl Jacobs said.

“The committee feels strongly about increasing voter turnout in Ocean Pines, and we believe this is a fun and, hopefully, effective way to help spread the word for the upcoming board election.”

Sign submissions may be sent to Jenny Cropper-Rines at All submissions must be received by May 15.

Submissions must be in either jpg, png, or pdf formats.

Homeowners and residents are asked to design an 18 x 24-inch lawn sign. The contest is open to all age groups.

The winning sign or signs will be announced by the Communications Committee on June 2. The winner will receive a $100 Yacht Club gift card.

Winning signs will be displayed around the community as part of the voter turnout effort.

Important Upcoming Election Dates Include:

Eligible Candidate Draw and Workshop (to determine ballot order and seating during candidate forums) – Friday, June 2 at 2 p.m. in the Blue Room of the Administration Building.

Voter eligibility deadline – Wednesday, July 6.

First Candidate Forum – TBD

Second Candidate Forum – TBD

Ballot deadline – Wednesday, Aug. 9 by 4 p.m.

Ballots counted and vote totals announced – Friday, Aug 11

Annual Meeting – Saturday, Aug. 12.