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Eastbound to look into local funding for disc golf course

By Jack Chavez, Staff Writer

Eastbound Disc Golf briefed the Berlin Planning Commission on its plans to make the course at Stephen Decatur Park permanent during its meeting last week. One of the improvements Eastbound will focus on will be improved signage. Currently, signs like this laminated paper with a QR code are the extent of what the park offers in that regard.

(May 11, 2023) The Berlin Parks Commission delved further into the town’s plans with Eastbound Disc Golf to make the disc golf course at Stephen Decatur Park permanent during its meeting on May 2.

Eastbound representative Shawn Johnson attended the meeting to brief the commission on its plans for the well-received park addition.

“With Eastbound Disc Golf, our experience is (that courses are received positively),” Johnson said. “That’s why we donate our time to try and push, get disc golf in front of people and get them used to the idea.”

Town Administrator Mary Bohlen said it’s been an “extremely popular amenity,” joking that she’s seeing people of all ages “fishing their disc out of the creek.”

“A lot of people really enjoy it,” Bohlen said. “I appreciate that more than anything else. The people are really using it. I’m glad that you’re moving forward with making it look more permanent.”

Public Works Director Jimmy Charles asked whether grant money could be available for the project, which is relatively inexpensive at an estimated $7,000.

Bohlen said that because of the timing for park grants, it’s actually better if Eastbound itself when to local community foundations to inquire.

“There are grant programs that are available to you as an organization that are not available to the town,” she reasoned.

Johnson said Eastbound would explore those avenues.

“It’s not a huge lift, the amount of funding needed,” Bohlen said. “So, I think it’s doable.”

The only critique she’s heard, town administrative assistant Kate Daub said, was the lack of signage, but that will be addressed in course upgrades.

In other matters, the project to light up the basketball courts at Dr. William Henry Park is officially complete, per a report from the meeting.

“The control signs have been installed and are officially throughout the park,” Daub said. “The lights (will be available from 5 (p.m.) to 11 p.m. They will shut off at 11 on the dot.”

Daub added that court users could activate the lights before 11 but no matter when they’re activated, they will shut off at that time.