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Economic Dir. Wells earns high marks from coworkers

(Dec. 10, 2015) Those who work closely with Berlin Economic and Community Development Director Ivy Wells gave her high marks during her first year on the job.
Mayor Gee Williams admitted Wells had big shoes to fill, replacing Michael Day in the role.
“We definitely had high expectations for this position based on the job that Michael Day had done previously, but I think anyone who has worked with Ivy this past year will say she easily exceeded our highest expectations,” he said. “I think we can all expect more of the same for hopefully many years to come.”
Jeff Fleetwood, manager director of the town’s human resources department, led the hiring process, and said Day personally gave his endorsement.
“He said she would take what he had started and she would take it to the next level. And I think that’s what’s happening,” he said. “I think Ivy has brought a breath of fresh air to this town.
“She’s a good all-around person to work with, and I hear good things from other people at my level as well as from the vendors in town,” Fleetwood continued. “From my perspective she’s just been a wonderful person to work with.”
Town Administrator Laura Allen praised Wells’ inventiveness.
“Ivy is great to work with,” she said. “She’s has tons of creative ideas and loves trying new things. She’s connecting well with the merchants and the community.”
Helen Wiley, who runs the Church Mouse on Main Street in Berlin, has worked closely with Wells as both a volunteer and businesses leader.
“She came into this little small town and has taken us up to another level,” she said. “She has some wonderful ideas and she’s full of energy. The town is really grateful to have her.”
Day remembers receiving a phone call from Wells shortly after the position was posted.
“She asked me if I should apply for this job and I said you should have applied yesterday,” he said. “I had known Ivy for seven years and I knew what she had done [in a similar capacity] in Sykesville and thought it was exactly what we were looking for personality-wise and energy-wise and commitment-wise.
“Knowing that she knew the same players I knew and knew the system the way I knew it, I thought she was the perfect fit and really rooted for her through the whole process,” Day continued. “I was thrilled that she got the job.”
During her first year, Day said Wells significantly boosted Berlin’s social media presence and helped increased attendance during events in the town.
“I think she’s done fantastic with the whole program,” he said. “Having Sharon Timmons as an administrative assistant really helped push her and the visitor’s center looks fantastic. I’m just so happy that things have moved forward.
“I had a lot of people say, ‘Don’t you want her to fail so you look good?’ No, I want her to take it to the next level and exceed what I’ve done so my work there looks even better, and I think it does,” Day added.