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EDITORIAL: Wait until MIEMMS reports its findings

The story on Page 1 this week concerning who did or did not do what at the scene of a Dec. 26 accident at routes 818 and 50 comes after a week of sorting through rumors, speculation and conjecture in search of facts.
Although what was written was documented and double-checked, facts are at a premium at this point, which is why the Maryland Institute for Emergency Medical Services Systems has been asked to look into the situation.
Its panel of reviewers will determine the facts of the case and respond accordingly. That’s as it should be, since any dispute between two community institutions — in this case, town government and the volunteer fire company — is bound to be fraught with emotion and driven by personal opinion.
As is the case in just about any disagreement, people will pick sides and support positions based on who they know and what they want to believe.
That’s much different than waiting to see the hard evidence as collected by dispassionate and impartial investigators. That’s what MIEMSS does and it takes its role of protecting the public very seriously.
There is no need, in other words, to rush to judgment before a judgment has been rendered. MIEMSS will complete its tasks and a report will be issued. Then the public conversation can continue with the facts in hand.