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Experienced artists and newcomers at Arts Stroll

BERLIN — There were no shortage of openings at last week’s 2nd Friday Art  and among them were relative newcomers to the scene as well as places that have been participating regularly for years.
j.j. Fish this week featured miniaturist Monica Graham. Miniaturist is kind of an odd description but Graham was pressed for a better one. She joked that the usual description “miniature basket maker” wasn’t appropriate because it made it sound as if she was small, but miniaturist isn’t terribly descriptive. Simply put, Graham weaves very, very small baskets.
The baskets are collectable both as art in themselves and as pieces of interest for a larger culture of people who furnish dollhouses with handmade items alone.
Although she wears glasses, Ghaham doesn’t use them when she weaved. In fact, all the intricate work she does on the various baskets is mostly by hand. If it gets particularly tricky or the medium is not cooperating she may elect to use tweezers but that is the exception rather than the rule. While some of Graham’s baskets are constructed from the weaving material — she uses various kinds — others are weaved over small objects. She will sometimes take an acorn cap as the basket’s bottom and around that to create a layered effect reminiscent of a hanging basket.
Graham has been slated to be j.j. Fish’s featured artist before but this was the first time scheduling allowed it.
In addition to Graham’s work the work of several other miniaturists — including owner Judy Fisher — is on display at j.j. Fish.
Around the corner and down the block, Eric Swick of the Waystead Inn chatted over hors d’oeuvres with fellow Berlin residents Paige Warrington and John Paugel at Johns Cigars. The three were in attendance for the shop’s second month participating in the Arts Stroll.
Ocean Pines resident Crystal Collins and Ocean City resident Tiffany Curtis were the featured artists. Mounted on an “A” frame easel, displaying each of their acrylic on board works on a side, the shop’s back room room was dominated by art.
Although Collins showed last month at the Ocean Pines Golf and Country Club as part of the exhibition given in conjunction with a play put on there last month, both are relatively new to showing their art publicly.
So far they’ve been happy with the response they’ve received and look forward to continuing showing in Town.