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Final vote for FY 2016 OP budget set for March 12

(March 5, 2015) The Ocean Pines Association Board of Directors on Saturday set a tentative date for a final vote on its 2016 fiscal year budget.
During the board’s regular public meeting, President Dave Stevens and the board agreed to meet next Thursday at 3 p.m., although the location of that session has yet to be decided.
Stevens said the board was close to having a budget “considering the number of issues.”
The latest draft of the budget shows a total of $12.8 million, which includes an operating budget of $10.6 million. The projected property owner assessment is $915, a $6 increase over the previous year. The original draft showed a $25 increase.
Still at odds are whether the “five-year” funding plan officially becomes the “legacy fund,” as Stevens hopes, or is done away with altogether, as advocated by Vice President Marty Clarke.
The board could also alter projections of golf, with new management company Landscapes Unlimited taking over in April.
The board is required to approve a final budget by Sunday, March 15.