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GM shouldn’t factor in vote

As the voting deadline approaches in Ocean Pines, property owners who have yet to mail their ballots would be wise to keep in mind that this election should not be considered a referendum on the Ocean Pines Association on how the general manager should do his job.
It is, and should always be, about which candidates have the ability to think beyond the immediate circumstances, can contemplate the future with an open mind without becoming mired in the day-to-day politics and conflicts, can compromise when that’s needed, but remain an independent representative of the community.
Yes, that does sound platitudinous, but the fact remains that all too often the OPA Board of Directors ­– and every other elected body – focuses more on the process and who’s leading it than it does the objective.
Obviously, everyone wants the same thing: reasonable assessments, a financially stable association without piling up money for which there is no real purpose, and solid services and attractive amenities for all residents.
It’s only natural that not everyone is going to agree how these things might be best accomplished, which is why the board needs members who won’t allow these disagreements to become the dominant issues. More simply put, the trip has to be less important than the destination, even though there will be arguments along the way.
Given the slate of good candidates this year, we don’t presume to know who would be the best fit on the new board or who is capable of laying aside preconceived opinions when the information suggests another approach might be warranted.
Although everyone wants to know what a candidate thinks about various current issues, it is just as important to select people whose character, style and intellect equip them to deal fairly and efficiently with the unforeseen circumstances that will always arise.
Voters need to think about that first and then fill out their ballots.