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Hats off to Chamber, Water Resources team

What can we say about last week’s Berlin Bathtub races, except that we came in second to the military-industrial-government complex of Berlin’s Water Resources department.
While it is true that its entry was somewhat faster than ours, that’s what anyone would expect when word is that Water Resources called in favors from some of its contacts in the realm of government contractors.
We can’t prove it, but it sure did look like the wheels on its highly specialized machine carried the logo of Lockheed Martin, whereas we, in the private sector, had to make do with over-the-counter materials.
And although their cockpit might have looked like a washtub, we suspect it was a cleverly disguised “Stealth” washtub made of space age elements, while we had, well, a bunch of old newspapers.
Of course, we’re just kidding. Water Resources won fair and square and did a fine job, as did all the other entries that turned out to make last week’s event one of the best.
Also to be commended is the Berlin Chamber of Commerce, which presented and coordinated the race, with the help from other community sponsors.
As has been stated in the space in the past, the race is just another example of Berlin enjoying itself and entertaining others in the process.
That’s a winning combination in anyone’s book and rare would be the community that has mastered this approach as well as Berlin has.
In the meantime, we congratulate the winner, all participants for making the race enjoyable for everyone, and the sponsors for doing a good job.
Besides, there’s always next year.