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High Heel Race adds health fair element

(June 4, 2015) Berlin is expanding one of its signature events, Saturday’s High Heel Race, by adding a health fair component.
The annual race raises money for the Worcester County chapter of Women Supporting Women, a nonprofit that provides awareness, education and support for people affected by breast cancer.
While the race is on Main Street in Berlin, beginning at 5:30 p.m. the health fair will take place in the nearby visitor’s center on 14 South Main Street from 3-7 p.m. It will offer free information and screenings, including blood pressure, carotid, bone density, women’s health and diabetes.
Worcester Youth and Family Counseling on 124 North Main Street, will present other health-related information and services including massage, reflexology, essential oils, gluten-free eating and acupuncture.
“Atlantic General Hospital does health fairs throughout the area, and they’ve never done one downtown [in Berlin]” Economic and Community Development Director Ivy Wells said.
Wells worked with AGH Community Education Manager Dawn Denton to develop the event.
“I was a good fit because both events are health-related, and I thought that they could each work with each other and be mutually beneficial,” Wells said.
The race, meanwhile, is exactly as it sounds. Usually several dozen participants, men and women, wearing high heels race up a roped-off section of Main Street.
Divisions are split between men and women, with several heats whittling down the competition until the winner is crowned, or, more appropriately, shoed with the Pink High Heel award.
Awards will be given for the men’s race, women’s race, team race and media/celebrity race.
Additional awards will be given, based on crowd votes, for “best looking” men’s and women’s legs, and “hairiest legs,” open to both genders.
Racers must be 18 or older and must start and finish the race in high heels. Modifications are allowed, but wedges and boots are strictly forbidden.
The event’s purpose is to promote the services of Women Supporting Women, Coordinator Mary Henderson said.
“Breast cancer is out there and we can’t deny it. More and more people are getting diagnosed with it and they’re younger people, which is heartbreaking because these women who are being diagnosed have young children,” she said.
Events like the High Heel Race, Henderson said, help keep the services of the nonprofit free to those it serves. She added that, with this particular event, all the money stays within Worcester County.
Henderson added it also doesn’t hurt that seeing dozens of people, including several well-known public officials, running through the streets in pumps, is a great way to provide a little levity to an extremely difficult situation.
“There’s life after breast cancer, so we want to make this event fun,” Henderson said. “Everybody does a walk, but we wanted to do something different and you don’t want to pound home breast cancer 24-7. You kind of have to put a spark back into people’s lives, and it’s funny. You go there, you get lost in the moment and you’re not thinking about the disease.”
Preregistration is $20. Day-of registration is $25 and can be completed at Victorian Charm in Berlin, online at or by calling 410-641-2849 or 410-548-7880.