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Hill wins ‘If I Were Mayor’ contest

(April 30, 2015) Lindley Hill, a student at Worcester Preparatory School in Berlin, is the district winner of this year’s “If I Were Mayor I Would” contest.
Sponsored by the Maryland Mayor’s Association and the Chesapeake Employers Insurance Company, the contest asks fourth-graders to demonstrate language skills and social studies knowledge.
Hill was honored by the Berlin Mayor and Council during a public meeting on Monday, April 27.
“[She] has continued a tradition that very few towns in the state can claim,” Mayor Gee Williams said during the meeting. “We’re very proud of [her].”
Hill’s essay imagined a place called “Happy Town” that happened to be exploring the possibility of building a playground with a skate park.
“In town, we took a vote and more people voted for the playground,” Hill said, reading from the essay. “When I told the people of Happy Town that we would build a playground, some people were happy and some people were sad.”
Looking to smooth over concerns, the mayor of Happy Town held a council meeting.
“At the meeting, we talked about the pros and cons of our skate park and the playground,” Hill said. “I would try to make the citizen and elected officials live in peace in Happy Town.
“To do this, I would take them all to another city council meeting. At the meeting, we would talk about how more children could use the playground. Also, about how the other town knows how to skate. Also, that every child can afford the equipment that you need to be safe, such as the skateboard, padding for your elbows and knees, and a helmet. After that the citizens and the city council understood.”
Thanks to the deft dealings of the imagined mayor of the imagined town, all of the citizens supported the new playground following the second meeting.
“Everybody in Happy Town was satisfied and happy,” Hill said.
Williams praised the essay, and warned that he could be calling on Hill in the near future to fill in during speaking engagements.
“I’m voting for her,” Police Chief Arnold Downing quipped during the meeting.
Williams said Hill’s essay would move on to the statewide contest, which includes essays from children in seven different districts.
“We may hear more news, but we’re extremely proud,” Williams said. “Thank you so much for the time and the very, very thoughtful effort.”
District 2 Councilmember Lisa Hall extended an invitation to Hill and her family to the April 30 meeting of the Maryland Municipal League at Fager’s Island in Ocean City.