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Landsman’s new shop made into a dazzler

(Dec. 11, 2014) For Joyce Landsman, the fourth time might actually be the charm.
The eclectic new shop in Manklin Station near the South Gate in Ocean Pines is her fourth business in the area, following Inn on the Ocean, An Afare to Remember and Mainstreet Gift Gallery.
“My husband and I moved here from Montgomery County, Md. for him to practice dentistry,” Landsman said. “We were in the D.C. area where he practiced, and we decided to get out of Dodge and come here.”
Inn on the Ocean, a bed and breakfast, opened on the Boardwalk in Ocean City in 1996 and included a catering service. When Landsman sold the property, she opened An Afare to Remember, a gourmet food store, in 1999.
“We outgrew that pretty quickly,” Landsman said. “We started out with five tables where people could sit down and have a cappuccino and get some sandwiches and takeout, then the rest of the store was antiques and gifts. Within a month I had to throw the dealers out and rent another store on Main Street [in Berlin] and we had outdoor dining and what have you.”
The new store became Main Street Gift Gallery, which lasted from 1999-2005.
“I sold that to come in and manage my husband’s dental practice,” Landsman said. “When I sold the dental practice recently, I decided to come back and do this again.”
Catering, Landsman said, was a burden she is not seeking to repeat at Dazzle.
“That’s what did me in several times,” she said. “We worked from seven in the morning until midnight at the café and the bed and breakfast. It was too much.”
When Dazzle opened its doors in late November, the shop looked like a love letter to the North Pole complete with Christmas trees, life-size singing Santas, brightly colored ornaments and lights, shimmering reindeer, and dozens of customizable items for the store’s signature build-your-own gift baskets.
“We thought this would be the perfect thing because there is nothing really like it in this area,” Landsman said, adding that the shop is not merely a one-off Christmas store.
In the New Year, Landsman plans to add gift items for newborns, as well as more handmade merchandise, including original work by Snow Hill artist Jim Adcock, and other goods that relate to cancer awareness.
“My goal is to have a variety of things in the store,” she said. “We have something for everybody here, the gourmet foods, we do beautiful gift baskets, and you only pay for the items you buy – we don’t charge to put them together, and we don’t charge for local delivery.”
Dazzle will also ship items outside of the immediate area.
“What I’m doing is trying to find out what people want,” Landsman said. “The more people tell me, the more items we’ll get in.”
For more information call 410-726-2604.