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Life isn’t always a beach, but we do all live on one

Not to be preachy, but isn’t this the time of year that we should be thankful that we’re here and functioning rather than being self-involved, angry and uncivil because, well, this is America and it’s our right to be anyway we want?
One might argue that we’re simply following the tone set by the increasingly divisive bleating of current and recent national political campaigns, as candidates encourage our fierce dislike – and worse – of anyone who doesn’t see things our way.
But it’s the other way around – they are reflecting and playing to the self-centered disagreeableness that we have, for one reason or another, been cultivating for years. More succinctly, not only does it seem that we become more rude, belligerent and disrespectful every year, but we also appear to celebrate it.
Driving a little slow in the left lane because you’re approaching your turnoff? If you’re lucky, all you will get from the outraged driver behind you is the finger. In a hurry at the store? Go ahead, ignore the person who has been waiting patiently for the clerk and march straight to the front and demand service because you have other things to do. It’s your right.
Such irascibility and obliviousness to those around us might be understandable were we living in more frenzied surroundings, where we ended each week wrung out by the daily scramble of punishing commutes, the jostling crowds and the uninspiring landscapes.
But we don’t. We live where other people wish they were: at the beach, in nice communities and in the countryside. Most of us, in fact, chose to live here, knowing there are times when we have the place mostly to ourselves.
This is that time of year. We have had a successful summer, the crowds have thinned, the traffic has dissipated and we can stop our hurrying and let go of the idea that if we don’t get what we want, someone is going to pay the price.
For many of us, we already have what we want and we should be thankful for that. And, consequently, maybe be a little nicer to each other in the process.