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Local and national artists support one of their own

WEST OCEAN CITY — The art galleries along Route 611 have a vision for eventually turning the strip into a gallery district that encourages the opening an success of other galleries but building a culture is sometimes something of a challenge.
Punk Rock Fish, the first of the galleries to see the area’s potential and the jumping off point for many local artists has fallen on difficult times. 
But such is the community that has built up around owner Matt Dove’s alt-art gallery that artists have devised a fundraiser to help save the gallery and alto to raise awareness about the various art opportunities along the road.
To that end, Little Chico has organized an 8×10 show in support of the Punk Rock Fish Gallery to be held at the Six Eleven Salon and Gallery where he is the resident artist.
The 8×10 show concept was originated by Chico and hosted at Punk Rock Fish. The idea was to have as many artists are was reasonable — he decided on 50 — bring out one small work and have a massive show.
The show itself was a success, the 50 artists were easy to find and in the end more than 200 people showed up to both view and purchase art. That evening’s beneficiary was a local animal shelter but the stakes are a little hight with the coming show and Chico expects both the event and the turnout to well surpass the fist one they held.
“It’s just Six Eleven Gallery helping a fellow artist,” Chico said. “And to support bringing alt-art to the community.”
The show will feature more than 30 artists. the number was reduced so that the artists could submit more work. 
In addition to local artists like Nick Denny and Trevor Dunt, artists from all over the country have submitted work for the show and many of the participants have donated the pieces outright. The Six Eleven Gallery will forego its commission as well.
In order to make it an event the 8×10 show will feature music in addition to the art. The Blackbirds and Buzzherd, Baltimore and Philadelphia bands respectively, will provide the evening’s active entertainment. The passive entertainment will be on the walls. The show is 6-8 p.m. Saturday, March 24 at Six Eleven Salon and Gallery on Route 611. For more info call the gallery at 443-664-2691.