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Local resident created new app of trails and waterways

Ocean Pines resident Laura Scharle created a new site and app called Delmarva Trails and Waterways to share the region’s outdoor opportunities.

By Cindy Hoffman, Staff Writer

(June 1, 2023) With this Saturday being National Trails Day, it’s good to know that finding a trail is easier than ever because of Laura Scharle of Ocean Pines, who took her knowledge of this region’s outdoor opportunities and turned it into a website.

The new site is called Delmarva Trails and Waterways

“It’s a one-stop, searchable resource for all trails, beaches, piers, kayak launches, and bike paths across the peninsula,” Scharle said.

The site is mobile-friendly and easily searchable.

Finding good hiking trails is easy on this site, which provides information on distance, and whether it is kid- and dog-friendly. It also has information on fees, parking, restrooms, surface conditions and accessibility. Scharle also shares pictures of the trail and the surroundings.

The kayak launch section is searchable by whether a launch is a boat ramp or a soft launch, and the community walking path page delineates by trail surface, which is ideal for those looking for ADA-accessible paths. The blog section even has suggested itineraries to inspire people to get out and explore.

The bike options range from a short one-mile loop in Ocean Pines to a 10-plus mile trail at Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge. She even provides directions to the trail head.

Visitors to the site will also find some lesser-known beaches and piers to explore, including Public Landing Pier and Beach in Worcester County and the pier at Sunset Park in Ocean City.

The site also provides information on deer hunting seasons in Delaware, Maryland and Virginia.

As a former employee of Delaware’s Division of Parks & Recreation, Scharle saw the sharp increase in park visitation firsthand during the covid-19 pandemic.

“While it was great to see more people getting outdoors and enjoying nature, it put extra stress on park staff and we had limited resources to deal with the crowds,” she said.

“I was determined to get the word out about lesser-known spots, but at the same time, I’ve been careful to weave a message of stewardship into the website and on social media.”

Scharle encourages visitors to public lands to stay on designated trails, dispose of all waste appropriately, observe wildlife from a safe distance, and to respect parking lot capacities to avoid overcrowding.

Scharle will lead a group paddle through Ocean Pines to celebrate water trails on June 4. Anyone can attend.

“It’s just a fun gathering to paddle with other locals. We did it last year and it was super fun,” Scharle said.

Sign up through OPA Rec and Parks by calling 410-641-7052 or