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Magin in, Timmons moving to assist Berlin econ director

(Feb. 26, 2015) In a minor shakeup, Berlin introduced one new face, while moving a familiar one to the Visitor’s Center to tackle increased demands on the tourism front.
Vicki Magin was introduced as the new administrative assistant during a mayor and council meeting on Monday. Sharon Timmons, who previously held the position, will join Economic and Community Development Director and Main Street Coordinator Ivy Wells, as her new assistant.
Magin, who previously worked in parks and recreation in Ocean Pines, said she read about the position in the newspaper.
“The position, as I understand it, is the assistant to the town administrator [Laura Allen], and I am filling some great shoes with Sharon Timmons.”
Magin said her first day was “initiation by example,” with a full day of activities, followed by an evening council meeting.
“It’s pretty cool coming to Berlin right now,” Magin said. “It’s a booming little town. There are a lot of great activities planned and it’s definitely something to look forward to grow and be a part of. I feel like I’m getting in on the beginnings of something big.”
Timmons said she was “handing over the reigns to someone I think will do a fine job,” while moving on to an exciting opportunity working with Wells.
“I’ve worked with the events in the past, so this will give me a chance to really jump in with full force now helping with Main Street activities,” she said.
Wells has already received rave reviews after taking over for Michael Day in December.
“She’s doing a fine job,” Timmons said. “It’s a very exciting time for both of us.”