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Marine Activities Committee talks dredging, boat safety

By Jack Chavez, Staff Writer

The Ocean Pines Marine Activities Committee on Tuesday continued discussions regarding bathroom repairs, dredging and boating safety.

“We’ve provided a punch list to the general manager (John Viola), who has been wonderful in following up with us on those issues,” said committee secretary Donna McElroy. “Dredging has been the ongoing question for some time and any information we were able to receive regarding the depth of the channels, how deep they need to be.”

McElroy added that the committee is speaking with people in the area who can help them assess the necessities.

With the summer season in full swing, McElroy added that the committee is reminding Ocean Pines boaters to hit the open waters safely and sensibly.

“We also talked about communication on a regular basis with our residents and just reminding them that safety on their boats (is paramount),” McElroy said.

She suggested residents take advantage of the free safety inspections provided by the Ocean City Power Squadron, a boating organization affiliated with the United States Sail and Power Squadrons.

Through passing the Power Squadron inspection, boaters receive a document and a sticker to put on their boat that indicates they have on board all the necessary safety equipment — lifejackets, horns, flares and fire extinguishers, among other items.

“We want to remind people about that service and being able to access it,” McElroy said.

McElroy also reminded residents of the 12-year shelf-life of a fire extinguisher, as indicated by a sticker on its bottom. If a fire extinguisher does not have a sticker, she said, replace it.

Flares need to be checked for expiration as well, she said.

The Marine Activities Committee will next meet on July 19.

This story appears in the print version of the Bayside Gazette on June 23, 2022.