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Memorial dedicated to Dr. William Henry at Berlin park

(Oct. 29, 2015) Berlin officials last Saturday dedicated a new memorial to former Berlin resident Dr. William Henry at his namesake park on Flower Street.
Mayor Gee Williams, councilmembers Elroy Brittingham, Dean Burrell, Thom Gulyas and Lisa Hall were in attendance, along with former Worcester County NAACP President Dr. Roxie Dennis.
Henry was an elementary school and college teacher and supervisor during a career that spanned from 1924-1967. He was the supervisor of Worcester County schools from 1932-1942 and president of Bowie State Teacher’s College — now Bowie State University — from 1942-1967.  
“Community is what it honors. More importantly, community ultimately becomes what it honors,” Williams said, describing the blue-skied scene at the park as a “perfect day.”
Williams hinted at a tremendous amount of racial progress in the town during and since the time of Henry, an African-American.
He said the values of Berlin, of which Henry was a key symbol, happened over generations and thanks to “higher ideals.”
“Those ideals that are now shared community values [are] diversity, education, opportunity and mutual self-respect,” he said. “What a great legacy for a man.
“These are all important values that we share, and I can’t be more honored to be the mayor at this time,” Williams added.
Dennis called the memorial “a long time coming,” but said it was worth the wait.
She said Henry, educated in Worcester County, devoted his life to children and to education, serving in a number of different capacities in the field and organizing education programs and departments throughout the state.  
He had three children with his wife, Mary Holy Henry.
“Dr. William Edward Henry’s legacy was a life … dedicated to the education of young people, from elementary to the college level,” she said. “He was a teacher, an administrator and a college president who was intent … on educating students and encouraging them to succeed.
“The Henry Park, and now the dedication of this statue, is a great way to honor and remember his contributions,” Dennis added.