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Mentalist plays mind tricks at Whimsical Cottage

 BERLIN – Mentalist Dan Cain will present his “Experiments of the Mind” show this weekend at the Whimsical Cottage of Berlin to prove to audience members that there is no such thing as a random happening.

"I know this dispels the notion of free will, but everything’s pretty much meant to be," Cain said. "I like to show connections between people."

These connections, according to Cain, are not connections such as discovering a long-lost relative, but rather seemingly random associations between people in unconventional ways.

As one example of what could be seen in his show on Friday, No. 9, Cain said he will have two random people come up on stage, one with his or her ticket to the show and another who has a $1 bill.

Cain will then have the person with the ticket scratch off a section on its backside to reveal a series of letters and numbers.

He will then compare that series of characters to a sequence on the other audience member’s $1 bill, showing the audience both are the same.

Remote viewings are another part of the show, in which Cain will draw exactly what a chosen audience member is thinking of.

Another example of a trick Cain performs to show connections between people is bringing somebody up on stage to scratch the participant’s nose. While scratching that person’s nose, another audience member in no apparent relation to the other subject will then start feeling the scratches on his or her own nose.

The mentalist insists he uses no plants in the audience and there is no one backstage directing the action without the audience’s knowledge.

"I try to make the show as random as possible," Cain said.

At 5 years old, Cain’s grandmother taught him his first card trick, which led the way to his interest in magic tricks and eventually becoming a mentalist.

"It was enough to open that door for me and I never looked back," he said.

Throughout his 15 years of professional experience as a mentalist, Cain has apparently grown strong with whatever gives him this power, as he reached national headlines by predicting the outcome of this year’s Super Bowl.

Making his prediction three months before the February game, Cain guessed the contest’s winner, the exact score of the game and even a specific highlight of the game that there would be a crucial interception by the New England Patriots.

Cain is back to his predicting ways, as he will reveal who he picked as the Major League Baseball World Series champion on Nov. 19 in New York City.

Although the San Francisco Giants already won the series last month, his prediction was burned onto a CD in March and put into an envelope sealed with wax to make it known the item had not been opened.

Celebrities Cory Epstein, Briella Marie and hip-hop artist Jay Magicus will be among the attendees during the red carpet affair.

Tickets to Cain’s show are $20 per seat and there are 60 seats available.

His show begins at 8 p.m. inside the Whimsical Cottage of Berlin, located in the large parking lot off North Main Street.

For more information, visit www.thewhimsicalcottageofberlin or call 443-543-4768.