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MSP Berlin barrack last to join MD FiRST system

(Jan. 15, 2015) Maryland has launched efforts to build a statewide radio system and a computer-aided dispatch/records management system to replace obsolete or nonexistent systems for the state’s public safety agencies.
The system also will provide a statewide infrastructure available for local governments.
On Jan. 7, the Maryland State Police Berlin Barrack became the last barrack on the Eastern Shore of Maryland to become active on the system.
The state is continuing to build MD FiRST, Maryland’s first statewide interoperable radio system. Even though the terrorist attack on Sept. 11 2001 showed the need for interoperable communications for first responders, only now does Maryland have a statewide radio system despite decades of efforts.
The system covers the entire Eastern Shore and parts of central Maryland. The network is wired to allow first responders to connect in counties covering 55 percent of the state’s population.
The first phase provided coverage throughout the northern I-95 corridor and the Port of Baltimore and BWI airport.
In 2015, Maryland completed the infrastructure build out for Phase II, providing coverage for the entire Eastern Shore. Phase III began in January 2014 and the remainder of the system is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2017.
In Worcester County, communications are not only enhanced but have been expanded to include Somerset and Wicomico counties in the arsenal of communication links. Another piece to the project has been the addition of being able to talk directly with Delaware and Virginia law enforcement authorities.
Now Troopers have a means to focus on law enforcement activities and not be concerned about radio transmissions being received or delivered.
In Worcester County, the Maryland State Police have worked over the years to maintain a radio communication system with its partners within the county and the Town of Ocean City. The previously used 800 Mhz system will be maintained while minor issues which might arise are attended to.
Once testing is completed, the 800 Mhz system will be removed and the Berlin Barrack will become solely dependent on the MD FiRST system.