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New acts bring music to Berlin’s ears

WEST OCEAN CITY — When owner Gina Servant and teacher Kevin Roberts of Around Sound got together with Jennifer Dawicki at the Globe to begin planning a recital for the students, none of the realized how useful a partnership it would become. But after last weekend’s successful performance by the Around Sound students and in anticipation of the next two weekends of music, it appears as if the short term arrangement could turn into a regular gig for all involved.
The Globe is well known as the place to hear now and original music in the area. They are a regular venue for both local acts and national and independent indie acts because both the management and the clientele support music that can’t be heard just anywhere.
So when the notion of having local students work out their pieces on stage made itself clear, it was no surprise that the Globe was supportive of the notion.
Although at the last show, there were a number of independent acts, this week many of the students have elected to work together presenting more ensemble pieces.
Roberts, who teaches voice and piano, said he understands the importance of students learning to work together. Having a solo piece down cold is one thing, but then working with someone else to get on the same timing, rhythm and timbre track is a skill that takes almost as long to develop as learning to play alone.
“It was very important to us to try and have the students accompany one another,” Roberts said. “Rather than have the teachers do the accompanying.”
The notion of playing together has brought an extra dimension to the students’ regular lessons as they now keep an ear out for what songs might be appropriate to play with their fellow musicians.
Lucas Duker, for instance, heard pianist Lily Watsky, playing J.S. Bach’s Minuet, a song he was working on for the violin. He suggested that they play together at this weekend’s Student Arts Night event at the Globe.
Although Student Arts Night is an annual event, it usually centers on the visual rather than the performing arts. This weekend, there will be several places hosting student musicians.
Roberts said that although they have yet to work out the details, it is quite probable that the Around Sound students could end up with regularly scheduled gigs at the Globe. Should they be able to make that happen, it will not only increase student interest in group performance, but also solidify the Globe’s place as the musical center of Berlin.
“They’ve been really supportive over there,” he said.