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New Berlin-based export biz boasts international appeal

(May 21, 2015) A new Berlin-based business is providing access to prescription drugs worldwide.
FRX International Drugs (FRXID), housed inside the visitor’s center on Main Street, opened operations in January and provides access to FDA-approved prescription drugs and health care products to consumers in more than 100 countries.
For Americans living overseas, including military families and diplomatic representatives of the U.S. State Department, that means easy access to the same quality pharmaceutical products available in the United States virtually anywhere in the world.
CEO Halima Yusuf used her upbringing in Guyana, where she said, “medicine was treated as contraband,” as inspiration to create the company.
“The scarcity of proper pharmacy care and knowing the facts relating to the medication and its usability drove us to create a company where people around the world can have access to the same standards of products we have in the United States, with high quality and assurance set by the U.S. Pharmacopeia and the FDA,” she said. “We have spent years dissecting the complex process of securing a safe and effective channel that provides the level of pharmacy products that anyone can enjoy”
FRXID supplies FDA-approved prescription medications, over-the-counter medications and health care items to individuals, as well as doctors, hospitals and pharmacies worldwide.
“Creating a company where consumers around the world could have access to the highest standards of pharmaceutical products that we enjoy in the United States, where quality and consumer satisfaction goes hand in hand, has been a dream of mine for over a decade,” Yusuf said.
“Over the years, our passion intensified to provide U.S. FDA-approved medications so that the people in other countries, despite economic and social insecurity, may have access to the same standards of drugs that we have in the United States.”
Yusuf said many American citizens who move overseas have difficulty maintaining the same standard of pharmacy care. With FRXID, those limitations are thing of the past.
“We provide a system and process that makes it easy and affordable for anyone overseas to order U.S. pharmacy products from us by simply emailing us a list of items, sending us a copy of the doctor’s prescription, or filling out the product request form online,” Yusuf said.
“Our focus is on U.S. citizens living overseas who would like to continue receiving FDA-approved prescription medications and other quality over-the-counter health and wellness products for themselves or family members. There are many complexities of exporting U.S. pharmacy products to foreign countries, and our expertise in this field has allowed us to merge all the necessary elements to be able to provide this solution effectively.”
For more information, call FRXID at 443-397-0088, email info@frxid. com or visit