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New details emerge on candidate Trendic

(July 16, 2015) New details emerged this week in the June 20 incident involving Ocean Pines Board of Directors candidate Slobodan Trendic and an apparent DWI.
Trendic had been charged with numerous traffic offenses stemming from that evening, including drinking and driving and leaving the scene of an accident, according to a release issued by the Ocean Pines Police Department.
According to police, the incident took place close to midnight at 82 Windjammer Road in Ocean Pines at the home of Lanny and Kay Hickman, where Trendic allegedly struck a parked vehicle in the driveway, did additional damage to the property and drove away from the scene.
The report alleged $11,000 in damage’s to Hickman’s Ford SUV, and an additional $3,150 in property damages based on an estimate by Atlantic Stonewall Inc.
Police ultimately followed a trail of radiator fluid to Trendic’s residence, where an officer saw Trendic in his car and asked him if he had struck the other vehicle on Windjammer Road.
According to police, Trendic answered he had hit the car because he had apparently been startled by a rabbit that ran out in front of him.
Police also said that Trendic said he had been at the Yacht Club, where he had consumed at least two beers. He then proceeded to fail or perform poorly on a battery of roadside sobriety tests and was charged, police said.
At some point, however, Trendic apparently put a note on the Hickmans’ damaged car with his insurance information and later in the morning apologized personally to the Hickmans.
“He was very contrite, and why not?” Hickman said. “He’s running for office for God’s sake.
When contacted about the incident, Trendic said his lawyer had advised him not to comment.