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New events will benefit Berlin

Working in partnership with the Main Street Maryland Program, the Berlin Chamber of Commerce has put together an outstanding, innovative schedule for the coming year. By adding events, and considering adding even more and by re-tooling other events to make them more visible and practical, the town is all set to take advantage of the increased number of visitors the long winter is sure to send its way as the weather begins to break.

The most inspiring aspect of the town’s forward thinking attitude is how well these projects seem to operate on almost an exclusively volunteer basis. Taking nothing from the town employees or even the chamber employees who move mountains to keep the machinery well oiled and the troops organized, it is important to point out that at the very bottom of things, the volunteers who contribute to and run the many town events are powered by the belief that doing things for the town matters.

Going forward it is not too much to expect the Chamber of Commerce to work even more closely with the town, the Main Street Maryland Program and the various non-profits for everyone’s benefit. By putting the town first many if not most of the businesses have benefitted resulting in even greater enthusiasm and support for the town-first attitude. It is a demeanor that is unlikely to change and, as we prepare to begin the oncoming tourist season can only be improved upon.