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New vaccine requirements for students now in effect

(Aug. 27, 2015) New school immunization requirements took effect last fall statewide. The new requirements mandate that all kindergarten and first grade students have two Varicella vaccinations, and students in seventh and eighth grade have one Tdap, or Tetanus-diphtheria-attenuated pertussis and one meningococcal (Menactra or Menomune) vaccination.
Students who do not have the required vaccinations can be excluded from school. In addition to the required vaccines for school, seventh and eighth graders are also recommended to receive the HPV vaccine. The vaccine helps prevent several different types of cancer affecting more than 17,600 females and 9,300 males each year.
Vaccines are vital to protect children from potentially serious diseases. Parents are encouraged to contact their child’s doctor to determine which vaccines are needed and schedule an appointment as needed.
For those children who remain at risk for exclusion from school, Worcester County Health Department is offering the Varicella, Tdap, HPV and Menactra vaccines at no charge on the dates listed below. Call for an appointment.
• Pocomoke, 400-A Walnut Street, Aug. 27 and Sept. 10, 410-957-2005
• Snow Hill, 6040 Public Landing Road, Aug. 28 and Sept. 11, 410-632-1100
• Berlin, 9730 Healthway Drive, Sept. 15, 410-629-0164        
For more information, visit the Worcester County Health Department’s website at or call at 410-632-1100