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Next time, try adding some substance to political forum

The Ocean Pines Association election forum last Wednesday was an interesting exercise in … filling up the allotted time and letting the public see who was running.
Beyond that, it offered no new revelations, few, if any, bold visions and no detailed plans for solving whatever problems were identified.
That’s hardly the fault of the Elections Committee, which staged the event, but is just the way most politics are these days, whether that would be in a town, a city, a state or a property owners’ association.
What candidates generally do everywhere is concentrate on what previous administrations did right or wrong and how their individual personal qualities will enable them to do a good job if they are elected. Little mention is made of exactly what they propose to do and how they will do it.
In the OPA instance, the break between candidates at the forum seemed to be who supports General Manager Bob Thompson and who doesn’t.
That, of course, has nothing to do with how well a candidate can address the needs and desires of the community. Besides, if being pro- or anti-GM is the most critical element in determining Ocean Pines’ future, then it is one lucky community indeed.
Given the length of time the association’s election covers, candidates still have the opportunity to step away from that old argument and present their positions and plans on the myriad other issues that Ocean Pines either faces now or will face in the next few years.
If they can’t do that, then voters will have little to help them make a decision in a race that would be, unfortunately, more about style more than substance.