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Ocean City Home, Condo, and Garden Show

OCEAN CITY – Mike Wicklein of Ocean Promotions has technically spent the last three months putting together this weekend’s Ocean City Home, Condo, and Garden Show but in reality it’s an event that he’s almost constantly planning. The reason it has become the spring kick off event that it has over the years is because Wicklein and the rest of his staff are forever looking for little tweaks and even the occasional overhaul they can perform to improve both the vendor and the attendee experience.

Many of the vendors have been setting up booths at the show for a decade or more and some have been with it since the beginning. Whenever they sign on, however, they tend to stay because the show offers them a unique chance to put themselves in touch with new clients every year as well as speak with traditional ones.

Blaine Bunting, of Bunting’s Landscaping and Nursery, for example, is one of the long-timers. He uses the event as a means to reach out to his regular clients and find new ones annually. “It’s a good venue for new customers but also a great chance to see our existing customers,” he said.

The reason he and the other vendors continue to find success is that the people who attend often do so with only a vague idea of the improvements they would like to make over the coming months. Putting all of the potential projects available in one place, people find, is a great way to get both ideas and expert advice about what improvements are necessary and affordable.

And while landscaping contracts are among the things many attendees try to investigate you can find solutions to almost any problem at the Ocean City Home, Condo, and Garden Show from boat accouterments to outdoor furniture to indoor and outdoor trappings of all sorts.

In addition to the nearly endless options when it comes to ancillary products and services the number of home improvement professionals available to talk about potential additions to the outside or changes to the inside of your home or condominium is sufficient without being dizzying. If you have been, for instance, considering new countertops or cabinets you can leave with anything from an idea of what it will cost to get what you want done to a contract for getting it done.

In all cases, though, there’s as much reason to go to the show if you’re not ready to make a commitment as if you are. By perusing the different vendors’ goods and services a person can begin to construct changes in their minds using solutions they might not have known existed.

Suggestions for improving the outside of your home, your boating experience or even adding a perfect fixture or piece of furniture that transforms a room are available at every turn. Each year attendees leave armed with a plan, or even the seed of an idea upon which they can improve over the course of the summer and when they’re ready to make the changes, they know precisely where to go to get the goods or services they’ve decided they want.