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Ocean Pines Briefs

(Aug. 6, 2015) The Ocean Pines Association Board of Directors discussed the following items during a public meeting last Thursday at the community center.
Financial reports
The numbers at major amenities were encouraging for the second straight month. Although golf revenues were below budget, monthly expenses were also lower, leading to a June that finished $3,168 over budget and $63,000 better than June 2014.
At the yacht club, revenues and expenses were also both under budget, $80,500 and $72,286, respectively, finishing $8,224 over budget overall. Still, the totals were $126,636 better than the previous year.
Aquatics finished $18,298 over budget overall, improving $71,438 over 2014.
Board Vice President Marty Clarke said, “The numbers are very promising” at golf at the yacht club, adding the community had only had “one month better at either amenity” in the last nine years.
Sports Core Pool project
General Manager Bob Thompson provided an update to the resurfacing project at the Sports Core Pool.
After asking for bids, the community received only two, according to Thompson’s monthly GM report, with one bid coming in at $77,544 and the other totaling $169,456. A follow-up inquiry suggested other potential bidders were dissuaded by an already busy summer schedule. Thompson recommended the project be shelved until July/August 2016.
Board President Dave Stevens said he hoped the additional time would lead to additional bidders.
Comprehensive non-update
Secretary Pat Renaud said he was perplexed that the comprehensive committee, which he is the liaison for, had not provided an update on the comprehensive plan being conducted by Salisbury University’s BEACON group under the direction of Dr. Memo Diriker.
“We obviously need to catch up on this and find out what’s going on,” Renaud said.
Parliamentarian Tom Terry noted that the committee had not provided meeting minutes since 2013, while Renaud added that Diriker “was not on the clock” and had not been paid.
Resolution F-01
After being pulled off the table during the last regular meeting, Resolution F-01, concerning investment guidelines, received a formal first reading last Thursday.
Collins said the resolution went back to committee in order to address an issue related to money deposited in non-FDIC depository accounts.
He moved that the board adopt the revision as recommended by the committee, but a brief debate ensued on whether the resolution had previously received a first reading. Stevens moved to accept the resolution as a first reading, and directed Thompson to post it online.
Golf netting
Thompson’s GM report included an unbudgeted request for new golf netting at the driving range.
“The area we’re talking about is a practice green for chipping, and you can’t use it now because you can literally drive the ball … and potentially do some bodily harm to somebody who could be chipping around the green. So it’s shut down,” Board Treasurer Jack Collins said. “With that netting around there, you’ll be able to use that area.”
Clarke moved to accept the recommendation using money previously budgeting for fencing. After a brief debate ,the motion was restated by Stevens to purchase the netting taken from another area of the budget. Clarke seconded, and the motion passed unanimously.
Manklin Meadows Project
Planning and permitting of the new Manklin Meadows Racquet Center is under way, per the GM report. Submissions were made for the next OPA Technical Review Committee, to be followed by a review by the state’s critical areas commission.
Construction of the facility, which would include a community garden, pickle ball and platform tennis courts and a playground, was estimated to begin in spring 2016