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(Nov. 26, 2015) The Ocean Pines Association Board of Directors discussed the following items during a public meeting at the community center on Nov. 19.
Executive council
Board President Pat Renaud said several chairpersons were missing during the Nov. 12 executive council session, when various advisory groups met to discuss upcoming agendas with members of the board.
“We did have enough board members to fill in for most of the committees,” he said, adding that the architectural review, budget and finance, bylaws and clubs advisory committees were not represented.
Tom Terry is the board liaison for the clubs and budget and finance committees and Dave Stevens is the liaison for bylaws and architectural review.
Manklin update
During General Manager Bob Thompson’s monthly report to the board, Thompson said a request for proposals was sent on Nov. 16 regarding the new Manklin Meadows racquet sports complex.
Bids are due Dec. 14 and will likely be reviewed during the next regular board meeting, Dec. 17.
Construction on the project is slated to start in January, with completion by April 30.
Major amenities
According to the GM report, golf closed out October below budget, with net revenues $35,846 below estimates. Expenses beat estimates by $9,327, although golf, overall, was $26,519 below budget.
Year to date, golf is $9,751 ahead of the previous year’s numbers.
Revenues and expenses were ahead of budget at the yacht club, finishing $12,204 ahead overall for October. On the year, the yacht club shows profits of $212,228, which is $156,415 better than the previous year during the same span.
Aquatics took a dip, with revenue $6,038 below budget estimates and a net loss of $7,348 for October. Year to date, aquatics is up $119,121 over the previous year.
Comprehensive plan
Comprehensive Planning Chair Steve Cohen gave an update on the committee’s recent work.
According to Cohen, two focus groups have been held and a third is scheduled as Salisbury University Group BEACON continues to work towards a community survey that should help inform development of a new comprehensive plan.
Cohen said “something came up” during the second focus group, which necessitated BEACON calling for a third session.
“I think the question was, some of the people brought up that we’d like to be where we were 40 years ago, but realistically we can’t,” he said.
Cohen said the third focus group would be held during the next few weeks. BEACON head Dr. Memo Diriker would present findings to the committee and offer a draft of questions for the survey. Those questions, Cohen said, would require board approval.
He went on to say the full survey would be sent in March, preferably by mail.