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Ocean Pines GM report

By Jack Chavez, Staff Writer

(Nov. 24, 2022) Ocean Pines General Manager John Viola gave the following updates in his monthly GM report on Saturday:

Fire workgroup

The work group headed by Viola and members of the Ocean Pines Volunteer Fire Department are going over proposals for fundraisers to either renovate or replace the South Station firehouse. Viola asked and received an extended window to look everything over.

The group issued requests for proposals in September to several firms and individuals. They received the proposals in October.

“We need a little more time to evaluate,” Viola said. “This is not a show stopper — it’s really a good thing. We heard some good things at the end and we just need a little more time (to look through it).”

Viola asked for 30 more days but said he didn’t think it’d necessarily take that long.


Participation numbers are in several committee surveys including golf (191 responses), racquet sports (229 responses), recreation and parks (300 responses) and aquatics (259 responses).

Golf garnered the highest satisfaction rating at 4.03 out of 5, followed by recreation and parks (3.99 out of 5), aquatics (3.76 out of 5) and racquet sports (3.25 out of 5).


Viola mentioned multiple open positions within the association including two police recruits, teenage lifeguards to go along with the two lifeguards and swim instructors that were recently hired, and one part-time and three full-time positions at the Public Works Department.

“Aquatics, lifeguards, it’s a national situation and I hope it turns around in the next year,” Viola said.

Viola also mentioned that the increased salaries and take-home squad cars have been a help for the police department.

North Gate Bridge

Last month, Viola talks about raised flower boxes and having the old guard shack taken down. The shack is gone now and the boxes are underway. The total cost of the project is less than $5,000 and should finish next month. It’ll require seasonal upkeep.

“We’ve done some good stuff,” Viola said

The outside wall trim will probably be completed in the spring for a price likely between $10,000 and $15,000.

The Northside Pond foundation project is going to the Budget and Finance Committee, but Viola is estimating it’ll cost around $8,000 and could be done by the spring.


Three miles of roadway were either just paved or will be soon, including Barnacle Court, Beach Court, Birdnest Drive, Fosse Grange, Garrett Drive, Ivanhoe Court, Liberty Bell Court, Little John Court, Moonshell Drive, Rabbit Run Lane, Surfers Way, Watergreen Lane and Willow Way.

The paving began on Nov. 17 estimated to complete in the next couple of weeks and was for about $363,000.

Ocean Pines’ contractor Miles Moffit is painting arrows, crosswalks and stop bars right now at a cost of less than $5,000. It should finish in the next two or three weeks.


Several secondary pipes are either completed or will be soon: Water’s Edge Pipe was completed in September at $8,850, the clubhouse pipe was completed in October at the same cost, Sandyhook and Pinehurst pipes were completed for $12,236 and the Birdsnest pipe, estimated at $15,000, will be completed late fall or early winter. The Beaconhill pipe, which should cost $13,676, is in progress with the concrete completed and the blacktop scheduled to be completed next week.

Racquet Sports

Over at the Ocean Pines Racquet Center, a flagpole with lights was installed in September for $2,500 and HVAC upgrades were completed last week for $6,500.