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Ocean Pines projects may miss completion deadline

OCEAN PINES — Members of the Ocean Pines Association Board of Directors are monitoring the permit process, including the dates that permit applications were submitted, to gauge the possible completion time for the Yacht Club pool and marina, Director David Stevens said Tuesday.

He chalked up the prediction that the Yacht Club pool replacement would be completed by Memorial Day to overconfidence on when projects would be done when pitched to the board.

According to Stevens, the projections were “very optimistic and now appears not to be true.”

General Manager Bob Thompson told the board during a March 27 meeting the existing Yacht Club will remain open until Labor Day at which time it will be demolished. The new club is expected to open early 2014, he said.

Meanwhile, the new Yacht Club pool is under way and is scheduled to open in June, he said.

Thompson said the Yacht Club Marina will open for regular business in May and that other than relocation of the fuel tanks no other construction has been planned at this time.

Stevens said the board had not had an update on the progress of the projects in two weeks and said that the permitting schedule would determine if completion times could be met.