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Ocean Pines represents Maryland in recycling contest

OCEAN PINES — Starting this week, all recycled materials collected by Waste Management in Ocean Pines can earn retail discounts for eco-friendly residents and gives the community a chance to win a $100,000 grant from SC Johnson to use on a community project.
During the inaugural SC Johnson Green Choice Recycling Challenge, Ocean Pines is representing Maryland against 49 other communities that are collecting for their respective state for six months.
In addition to the competition, this week began a program through Recyclebank, a company working in collaboration with Waste Management to give points for recyclers to use for online discounts.
“We encourage everyone to get involved,” said Ocean Pines General Manager Bob Thompson. “Residents will have the opportunity to protect the environment, invigorate the local economy and help keep Ocean Pines clean, while earning everyday savings … and working toward the grant.”
After registering at, residents can earn points for online discounts based on the number of items they recycle. The points may be redeemed at businesses such as Olive Garden and Bed Bath & Beyond. There currently are no deals for local businesses, but a business that wants to participate can visit
Although the nationwide contest will end in six months, the online rewards program will be available to residents for two years.
The winner of the $100,000 grant will be determined by the total number of items recycled, which is calculated as a percentage of the community’s population.
A committee from Recyclebank and SC Johnson will be set up to ensure the grant money will be used for its intended purposes.      
This contest is part of the SC Johnson Sustainable Behavior Change Program, a five-year research project that has been put in place in an attempt to identify the best strategies to get people involved in recycling.
Recycled items will only count if they are in a Waste Management container that is picked up by the company through its curbside recycling program.
All items recycled in the receptacles next to the Ocean Pines Volunteer Fire Department by the South Gate Pond will not count, as that waste is collected by Worcester County.
Lauren Svoboda, a representative of Edelman, a marketing firm working with SC Johnson and Recyclebank, said she expects an upward trend in recycling even after the competition’s completion.
“Americans recycle only one-and-a-half pounds of the more than four pounds of waste they generate daily,” said Svoboda. “Ultimately, the SC Johnson Green Choices Recycling Challenge aims to increase consumers’ recycling and contribute to the company’s goal to become landfill neutral by 2016.”