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OP gets better deal from new refuse collection co.

(Dec. 11, 2014) Republic Services will take over trash pickup in Ocean Pines starting on Jan. 2.
The Phoenix, Az. based company, serving more than 3,000 municipalities in the U.S. and boasting more than $8 billion in annual revenues, beat out three other companies for the bid, including current provider Waste Management.
Under the new plan, the community will keep the same schedule for trash pickup, twice a week, on the same days. Recycling pickup, previously offered every other week, will now be collected weekly on Thursdays and Fridays.
Republic provided the lowest cost-per-customer bid, $12.07 a month, as well as the lowest bid for weekly recycling, $3.50 per month, and the lowest annual association refuse cost, at $14,244. Their total association cost bid was $20,100. To contrast, Waste Management projected a total association cost of $27,116.
Two other companies, Chesapeake Waste and Bennett Waste, submitted bids. A team of evaluators rated Republic, Chesapeake Waste and Waste Management’s service plans at a 95 out of a possible 100 points. Bennett Waste received a score of 22.
General Manager Bob Thompson said the selection was something of a no-brainer.
“Republic was cheaper, and they’re going to have recycling every week,” he said. “They’re more cost-effective and they’re doubling the recycling pickup, so that’s advantageous. They’re also going to keep the trash service the same days, so if you were Monday/Thursday or Tuesday/Friday you’ll keep those days.”
Republic will provide a 95-gallon trash container for $1.20 per month. Residents may also provide their own container.
Because of community demand and the increased recycling pickup, Thompson said 65-gallon containers will replace the old 96-gallon recycling bins.
“It fits better in your garage and it’s easier to tote,” Thompson said. “That was a complaint we had, that they were too big, so this makes it a little more reasonable in size. Between the smaller bins and the every week pickup, it should actually be an advantage. I’m hoping to see more recycling occur [in the community].”
Thompson praised Waste Management during its departure.
“I’m pleased with their willingness to work with us with the exit strategy,” he said. “They’ve been very professional, which is what you would hope. Waste Management will wind down at the end of the month and they’ll start collecting their trash and recycle bins after the first. It might be bumpy for the first 30 days, but hopefully it settles out.”